HUD's Reverse Mortgage Stimulus Program
is Set to Expire on September 30, 2011

We started this Free Public Service in 1999 as a result of consulting with many older Americans who needed to work to supplement their incomes. We soon realized that many seniors did not understand all the advantages of this safe and highly regulated government program.

What's Next for Senior Homeowners?

Potential for Inflation and Other Rising Costs. Seniors on fixed incomes are the most vulnerable citizens. A reverse mortgage is one of the least restrictive ways to get cash out of your home to use for retirement.

Housing Prices Continue to Drop! What can seniors do about their falling home values and lower reverse mortgage lending limits?

Lock-Up Your Equity. Protect Your Home Equity with a HUD Reverse Mortgage. If the housing market recovers you can re-reverse your loan under better market conditions.
Put Your Equity to Work for You!

HUD Reverse Mortgage Estimator

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